What are Empty Calories?

Are calorie-dense foods that lack the nutrients your body needs to function correctly. The human body is a complex system, and adequate nutrition is essential to maintain good health. Poor food choices result in nutrient deficiencies, toxicities or imbalances, contributing to weight gain, fatigue, chronic disease and death. The lack of nutrients and addictive ingredients in these foods make our body ask for more. Empty calories starve our body of essential nutrients, while we put on weight due to the excess of calories. Examples of empty calorie foods include ice cream, sweetened drinks, hot dogs, pizza, alcohol, potato chips, pastries, sugar, processed meat, cakes, and so on. Problem is that we eat too much of these foods as a percentage of our total daily calories. You should reduce or eliminate the intake of such foods and switch to more natural and nutritious alternatives. We are all humans and temptations are all over nowadays. For instance, it's hard to say no to an ice cream van while out on a summer day. An ice cream will cool, hydrate and give you more energy for the long day. But buying kilos of it in bulk and eating it in front of the TV should be avoided. This website has been built to help you understand why and how to avoid these foods that are bad for you.

Full Calories

In contrast, these are nutrient-dense foods providing fewer calories per serving. These are vegetables, whole grains, beans, fruits, nuts, seeds, eggs, low-fat dairy products, fish, poultry and lean cuts of meat (in moderation). They are excellent sources of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, protein and good fatty acids. There are so many beautiful, delicious plant based foods out there. Fuel your body with them and you'll gradually start looking for these foods. These foods promote blood sugar balance with fibre, complex carbohydrates, protein and good fats. They will improve your immune system and control the appetite by keeping you fuller for longer. A diet rich in nutrient dense food helps us have more energy, improved digestion, and better health in general and, of course, it is essential in keeping our weight under control. See the about section to understand more about this initiative and how it can help you.
If you need an image to print to remind you of the things to avoid, here's one :)