About this initiative

The type of food and the quantities we eat is the number one contributor to our public health crisis. NoEmptyCalories.com aims to offer a quick way to refresh your memory on why and how to survive in this world that seems to be against us when it comes to our health. Industries that want us hooked on their stuff, sick to sell us drugs and expensive medical interventions. With a mindset change, we can easily change our bad habits and turn them into our strength. Be seen as strong characters that think long-term, to a sustainable future for us and those around. It's important to regularly remind you on why and how to continue on this journey in order to reach your goals. If you want to loose weight and maintain it, you need a long-term mindset change. People don't have trouble loosing weight following diets, but the majority will return to the previous weight and add on top. The most successful long-term weight loss techniques are those that reduce the stomach capacity, limiting hunger and increasing satiety. These procedures are not cheap and come with their own risks. But it proves that reducing the portions and eating less calorie-dense foods is the key to a long-term healthy lifestyle. Use the Yes and No counters on the home page to keep track of your progress. If you want to reset your counters click